It's data time.

Chronology is a suite of open source tools to help you on your data-to-answers journey.

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Tell stories with your data.

Chronology comes with everything you need to turn metrics into insights.

The Chronology Project tackles three data-oriented tasks with three tools: Kronos (data collection), Metis (data analysis), and Jia (data visualization). These tools are loosely coupled and can stand alone, but they can also speak with one-another: Metis can query data in Kronos, and Jia can visualize the answers provided by Metis.

Kronos: Collect

Kronos is a time series storage engine that allows you to store and retrieve timestamped JSON blobs from various backends (e.g., Cassandra, Elasticsearch).

Metis: Analyze

Metis is an HTTP compute service. It's currently implemented as a thin HTTP endpoint wrapped around the Spark data processing engine.

Jia: Visualize

Jia is a visualization, dashboarding, and data exploration tool. It can speak with Kronos and Metis. It answers questions for humans, rather than just developers.

Not just for browsers

Collect everything from web analytics to machine health to key product indicators all in one place. Kronos exposes an HTTP API, with client implementations for JavaScript, Python, and Go.

Sane logging

Kronos is a way friendlier logging API than your file system. With put, get, and delete endpoints, Kronos lets you do all of the things you want to do with your time series data.

Plug and play

Kronos integrates with all your favorite storage backends: Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and Amazon S3 (coming soon). From low latency to high throughput, Kronos has you covered.

Ask questions from anywhere

Your choice of language shouldn't limit your ability to slice and dice your data. Harness the power of Spark and other computation engines over HTTP with Metis.

Analytics for humans

With an easy-to-use visual query builder, Jia answers questions for humans, rather than just developers.

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